jourdan jameson?

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Not sure if this is the place to ask this. Does anybody know anything about Jourdan Jameson. I can not seem to find any reviews.
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Her reviews in order of age. However, it appears her profile has been removed . . .

Came here from Dallas and has been reasonably utr. Don't know whether she's still around or has moved. Seems I've seen some recent ads somewhere.
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Thanks Mr. Happy i see her ad on Jonesboro backpage. BP makes me nervous.
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She's also posting in the Little Rock BP area. Good luck!
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Seems odd to post in both locations. Maybe LEO?
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Seems odd to post in both locations. Maybe LEO? Originally Posted by Guyonthelake
Not if she lives halfway between the two cities or is willing to travel back and forth...advertising in multiple markets is extremely common; it determines interest level from clients.
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Thanks for the info. May have to give her a call. Verified providers are hard to find up this way. Thanks for the help guys
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she could also be "stacking" appointments,, you call, she tells you she will be in LR on Wed.. She then tries to get as many sessions set on Wed in LR as possible,, then works JB on Thur.... you get the idea.
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Wouldn't that be "stack 'em and rack 'em", Lazr?
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Is she pimped??
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I've tried calling her on 5 or 6 different days, but I've never been able to connect. Now I see that she is coming to NEA and I will most likely miss her again because I'll be out of town for my job the next few days. ...... and so the chase continues.
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