**What Is One Thing You Havenít Got To Try or Experience that You Couldnít Live Without?!!**

I Would Love to Hear Answers From Everyone and Anyone!!

What Would Be That One Thing That You Havenít Had The Change To Experience But Feel Itís a Must Try Before You Die?!!
A three some with you and a shemale
Living like a rock star. I would love to experience the groupee scene as experienced by a rock star.
Those are both great!!
You setting it up?!
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That’s a really good question, and it’s a bit disconcerting, that after some thought, I can’t come up with an answer.
I have probably lived out my most wanted fantasies.
I still have some when I masturbate, but they have already been done in RL.
If only you were closer sigh
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Been there, done that: several times!
Dominating mother/daughter or identical twins. Having them perform any unspeakable acts I can concieve of.
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I can make that happen
I'm liking that one bring on the twins and or mom and daughter
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Topped by a beautiful woman with a strap-on......
What the hell multiple women with strap-ons.
if you boil it all down what I think is

most people want to be wanted

so I'd say, to be wanted by all but not to be intruded upon

how best to be wanted?, the current method is to obtain some measure of celebrity while retaining mystery, but perhaps the best way is by always making others feel good when you are around

but I can live without it so my post isn't directly responsive
I enjoy a spinner with small but very puffie nipples. Hard to come but we can dream plus I live in Shreveport La. Which makes things we like harder to find. Wishing Piper would visit us one day.