Young and beautiful sophie

Sophie is a level escort and super accommodating, I was with her on Monday through the center of the city on a very cold night looking for good skin to give me a heated one.
In spite of being my first date with this agency, they took good care of me and quickly, not the typical agency where they tell you to stay and I send you the girl.
let's not say it was punctual but 5min did not hurt anyone I was surprised by her attire a very elegant and beautiful girl, she told me that she is from Sonora and she is super rich,
He has a very well-concealed body that looks like he puts a lot into the GIM, good talk with the girl and good oral treatment without luck I loved it.
I put her as a little dog and when I saw those buttocks standing they put my member super erect and with a desire to penetrate her, she smiled a little when she saw me something shy to do it
when I hit him and saw those tits move with the blows of the sex we had, they started me on more, he asked me for a change of position and rode on with such a fiery way that he blew up
Everything inside her and I was super satisfied with her, a small talk shower and a few beers closed so hot moment with her no doubt when I'm back for aya look..

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Hmmm, joined on the 14th and then on the 15th a very ARTISTIC (review????) of an encounter. Looks like a commercial advertisement trying cleverly to disguise themselves.
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Obviously written by someone who's 1st language is Not English, but beyond that I don't know.