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I just wanted to say hello and was wondering do we ever have get together s or parties for the Houston area Like how they do in Austin for those of us that are too far from Austin
Let me know if you learn anything
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Girl you should coordinate one !! A small one invite a few providers from tour area and 10 or 15 gentlemen. Host at a hotel in a nice suite , ask that everyone donate $25 bucks for your efforts, organizing and preparation.

Good luck!!
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It would be nice to have something like that in the Little Rock area
I love the Idea and have thought about it but the risk is a little too high for me
Ladies...�� sent
How to find out about the parties in Austin?
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I have participated in both socials and parties. Usually the socials the gents pick up the tab for a lady's lunch, some even gift fuel cards. The parties are more intimate and the only way to get an invite is to have seen one of the ladies participating. Ladies, if you would like to know more on the hosting side, pm me.
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I am working on something like that in the St Louis area.
In my area there are private parties held at private homes. I held them in the past. These are typically low key with a dozen or so invited.

The last private party I held was during the last bachelor tv show. I invited 16 women and no men,9 showed. I cooked the women dinner and let them hang out and watch the show.

I have found that I enjoy the social more. They often bring more people out and is less work. I show up at the bar restaurant enjoy food/drink and when I'm ready head home.
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Even in the ever-changing hobbyverse, there are some things still continuing apace, like socials in

San Antonio

Always as much fun as time & rules allow; after parties are not sponsored by event hosts/organizers.

Usually 40-50 or so at local events and way more than that at special holiday events such as the 17th annual San Antonio Hollow Weenie!

Always more details in my signature.
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How to find out about the parties in Austin? Originally Posted by Indian_guy
Also curious and very interested in the austin parties.
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  • Today, 11:18 AM
I’ve been to one social (not for the lack of invites)
And I enjoyed charming the men around me with my great humor
But let me tell you honey, the wenches around me we’re full of
Fake smiles and snide whispers. I’m
I wonder if Texas does it better,
If there’s ever an invite for NE TX ladies I’d love one