What is the longest time you have consistently seen a provider or client?

Next month, it will be 12 years that I have regularly seen my lady. Which got me thinking, how long have you been seeing a provider or client?
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3 over 20 years each
Five years. Most leave the hobby within 2 to 3 years, and new shinny providers arrive.
For three years, then she retired for a regular job. Was going to school while in the biz. Was not much younger than me so we were able to relate to each other better. Would visit with her about once a month. Hope to find another "unicorn forty ish and up and fit" to be able to regularly visit with.
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I've known providers for more than several years who have since retired, and I'm still in contact with them, though sessions no longer happen. The longest I've consistently seen a provider for appointments has been about a year give or take. After 12 months time span there's a lot of potential for change for either party. I guess you wouldn't count a provider you saw for awhile, then "took a break" from, then went back to later on?
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Offshore 20 yrs WOW!! I'm not planning on going anywhere any time soon. I'm just getting started. I welcome long term arrangements . So far there are a couple I've been seeing since I started the hobby 2 years a go. I appreciate & love them to death. It's an honor to have a gent willing to continue seeing me long term considering the wide range of options available to them. If any of you see this THANK YOU!!
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When I was in Tx. I had long term regular people I saw for appt's. and when I moved back here, I have 3 clients I have seen for 7 years...

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  • 06-08-2019, 08:12 AM
Two beautiful women I have been seeing for 20 years each.
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I am the most lasting stable relationship that many of my guys have had, wives, girlfriends, lovers have gone through their lives ... But I'm still there, like a virus hahaha

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I saw one for a year. She quit the business and we dated exclusive for two years. ( No money exchange during this time if you were wondering) She wanted the commitment thing to go to the next step. I was married before and do not want that again. We split and as far as I know she never went back to the game. It was a blast while it lasted though
Some cool answers. 20 years, huh? I hope we get to 20.

Thatís longer than a lot of marriages.
I saw a couple of providers in Austin for six years (Traci the Temptress) and seven years (Sweet Sonya) and 15 years for a FBSM provider (Falisha). Good service and IOP keep me coming back.
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  • 06-09-2019, 03:32 PM
I saw a couple of providers in Austin for six years (Traci the Temptress) and seven years (Sweet Sonya) and 15 years for a FBSM provider (Falisha). Good service and IOP keep me coming back. Originally Posted by MactheKat
I know it's a different Sonya, but you reminded me--if I spent longer in the Austin/San Antonio area I could easily see making Sonya Playmate a long term addiction. A charming young lady, and quite stunning.
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It all depends upon what is happening in your personal life.
After my second wife died, and I was still handling children. I met a younger lady that I saw on a regular basis. We both needed the affection that covers the pitfalls of regular life. She would never take more than a C note and no tip, not ever. It lasted several years until I got my head back together and started looking around for a third wife.
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I have 3 in Dallas
1. for over 6 yers
2. for about 5
3. for 3
I see them every month .