Central and South America forums?

Hey everyone, does anyone have suggestions to find safe providers in central and South America? Primarily in Colombia, maybe even Panama.
Go to the strip club/whore houses and have sex at the club. Any girl you bring back to you place can drug and Rob you. It's generally safer at the establishments.
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In Colombia, visit Medellin and stay at the Mansion. Technically Hotel Casablanca (and it's sister hotel Casablanca II, just up the hill), everyone calls them the Mansion and the Castle. They cater to monger travelers and there are always working girls hanging out at the pool. The front desk keeps a catalog of girls and can call any number of amazing hotties for you. Plus there are always other mongers around for field trips to the brothels in town, or the strip clubs, or the streetwalker area.
Appreciate the info, guys! Do you know if there’s any forums are any reputable online classifieds for those 2 countries? It’s going to be me and a couple of my buddies taking a trip, hopefully in a few months. We were thinking about hiring a few working girls to come back and hang with us at the pool all night. Is that a really bad idea? How often do you hear about travelers getting robbed after bringing girls home? Thanks again!
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I have heard lots of guys talk about using the Latin American dating sites to find hotties who are willing to do overnights and weekends. With some work in advance (including a translator app if needed), you can set up a ton of dates from women desperate to meet a rich American. They won't be professional escorts, but that's pretty common down there. Lots of ladies work regular jobs and have a date occasionally where a gift is expected. They don't even think of themselves as escorts or prostitutes at all.


Make sure you have a WhatsApp account, as that's what most people in Central and South America use to chat.