Encounter: (Puerto Vallarta) PV - Vallarta Jacuzzi and Spa

Date: Dec-18
Name: Various models to pick from
Contact Info: Vallarta Jacuzzi and Spa, Marina area.
Therapeutic massage $32 U.S., CBJ $115 U.S., FS $165 U.S. a
few doors down to the left from the pin on the map. Google
URL / Website: -
General Area: Marina Vallarta see above
Activities: CBJ, massage, CFS
Hair Length and Color: Depends late AM noon about 4 nice looking younger girls to pick from but if you go earlier (they open at 9am) choice is limited
Age: Mid 20s
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Depends who you go with. First trip I went with a nice looking more curvy younger girl. Nice breasts and good service. Second trip I went with a petite spinner type. Both good for fee
Recommendation: Yes
Why did you even bother with this "review"?
No description of anything. SAD