Encounter: (Tijuana) Tijuana trip

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Date: 4.30.19
Name: -
Contact Info: -
URL / Website: -
General Area: Zona Norte
Activities: -
Hair Length and Color: -
Age: 20ís
Smoking Status: -
Physical Description: -
Recommendation: Yes
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Man no BBJ would bum me out.
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  • Batsy
  • 05-15-2019, 12:07 PM
Which walking border crossing is the quickest? The old one or the new pedwest? I would have to catch a flight back on Sunday afternoon so I’m concerned about the wait time at the border.
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CBP has a web site that lists times: https://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/mobile.asp?action=n&pn=2504

The regular listing is for PedEast. The PedWest entry is listed separately.

I have found PedEast faster generally, especially with the new building.
TJ. I'm there. Easy from SAN airport.

Among the border towns, it is probably the best and safest. But, it is actually quite a small area of action. Expensive and nearly entirely covered, without much money and effort and time. Other countries offer much better options than Mexico, but Mexico is close.

I do welcome suggestions of websites with more information, especially of escorts. I've tried most other options here both recently and in the past, but don't know this area well. I know other border towns better, as well places sin other countries more extensively, as you can see from my reviews.

So, please some help.
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Reliable agencies:

As far as the covered vs no covered action, it definitely varies. I've never had a CBJ from an escort or an independent, only from bar girls or streetwalkers. BBBJ is not guaranteed but is available from them. Make sure you ask about it before agreeing, and if she says no, move on. If you are looking for CFS, that's available from some girls (and usually for extra money), but never guaranteed. I've had some escorts or independent girls offer it up without being asked. Once I negotiated a girl down from her asking price, but promised a tip for good service. i was thinking CIM, or just DFK, but she offered up the BBFS. So it's possible.

I've tried many of those agencies. HMU for help if you need.

Edit: also, if you want independents check out these. Less reliable but often better value and service level.