Encounter: (Juarez) La Boutique- Alondra

El Scorcho's Avatar
Date: 05-15-19
Name: Alondra
Contact Info: +52 1 722 530 2160
URL / Website: https://twitter.com/GuiroPasion , https://www.laboutique.vip/perfiles/alondra_guiro.php
General Area: Motel Bugambilias
Activities: LFK, HJ, CBJ, CG, RCG, K9, COT
Hair Length and Color: Dark blonde past shoulders
Age: Late 20’s?
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Short stacked cute little thing. About 5’1 -5’2 WITH heels , gained about 10lbs or so since her photo shoot.
Recommendation: Yes