Official Rant Thread

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We ladies and gentlemen, we are human, despite what some members on this site would suggest, but just as other humanoid beings, we providers and hobbyist have emotions. We matter. We have the right to voice our concerns and issues. BUT more importantly, we humans need to scream, we need to be heard! There ain't anyone here that we need to impress, we burp, we fart, we take huge dumps, and god bless every single one of us!

Some emotions are stronger than others, getting some of this pint up stress off out chest is NOT ONLY HEALTHY but can help grow us closer as a community. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in this together, NO ONE is going to keep us safe BUT OURSELVES! If we need answers, who do we turn to first? Each other. We are beautiful, we are different, and there is nothing wrong with that. We were all made perfect, no one here is better than anyone else.

Are we always going to agree on everything? No. Absolutely not. And that's okay. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to empower one another.

Does this rant thread have to be "100 percent Escort Related?".
No. God no. Can there be some? Hell yeah.
Rant about your day to day!
Did the bus running behind and you got to your doctor appointment late because of it?
Let us hear it!
What is pissing you off in your day to day?
Did BECKY, at work eat your lunch again? That fucking bitch!
Let us hear about it!
Does your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wive expect you to work a full time job, cook and clean the house, and take care of the kids like it should just be EXPECTED of you?

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm a married woman who works as a manager at a retail job outside of escorting and I have THREE beautiful babies, I am so blessed, thankful for the job I have! BUT there are days I want to pull my hair out! Some times from my life at home, MOST of the time from my job OUTSIDE of escorting.

This thread shouldn't be used as a way to attack other members, male or female!

This isn't the thread to start a fight.
If you don't agree with something, hey, that's cool Momma and Jimbean. Move on. You have better things to do than to try and bring someone else down with your bad attitude.

This is about SUPPORT, support one another like a healthy bunch of beautiful wives, mothers, girlfriends, daughters, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends we are! This is our place, let's talk about the things that bother us as human beings and send out positive emotions.

And please, remember the golden rule, assuming makes an ass out of you and me. I will personally start this thread off with a little story of my own. And from there I hope you fine ladies and gentlemen will join in and together we can share what makes us laugh and cry.
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So, I went into a MetroPCS store about a two weeks ago. I went in there because my phone had suddenly stopped working. I mean, I couldn't make calls, I couldn't connect to the internet, and I wasn't getting or sending messaging. I tried everything. I tried the classic, turning my phone on and off. I tried to call customer service and from there they tried to reset my phone, they turned to connect me to other towers in my area. Nothing. Finally they just suggested that I go into a store tomorrow and get it checked out. Thankfully, the next day was my day off from work. So, getting up, I got dressed and got my middle son, (I'll call him Lion, for this story), ready to go with me.

A little back story... this boy, is just like me, when I was growing up. No amount of getting my ass whipped, no amount of someone getting down to my level to talk to me was going to set me straight. I was a wild animal and my father still loves to tell stories about how crazy and uncontrollable I was. Should I have taken him? Honestly, maybe not, but I can't see into the future and while he can be a little monster at times, I love this boy with all my heart and I thought, I can handle this, he needs to learn to be good in public. But he is three, so please, be mindful of that. But like an idiot, I thought, "It's okay, he'll be good for Momma..." Lion is a BALL of energy, he needs to go go go, I seriously can't tell you what I was thinking bringing him with me.

So, we get going. I go to the closest MetroPCS to me which is right down the road. It's a tiny little store, and it's dead inside. So, cool, I think I'l be in and out. I talk to the lady and she suggest that I need to be a sim card.... She doesn't have any sim cards left and that I'll need to go to a corporate store for more assistance. My phone isn't working, I don't know the area, I just moved to Jacksonville, FL, two months ago. I got down here, and I have been working my ass off, I hardly have any time to myself. So, I'm a little nervous to start driving around looking for this corporate store. Thankfully, the store that can help me is literally right down the road. Awesome, I load my son up into the car and we are going.

We get there and right away... I notice this younger woman at the counter who just has this, "I don't want to be there look on here face.", and of course, who do I get stuck with? Ms. Happy Face. As I'm explaining to her about my phone issues, I let go of my son's hand. Because at this point, he is right there next to me and I'm trying to focus in on this lady so she understands what issues I'm having with the phone. I'm looking at her, not at my son, and then suddenly there is a loud crack. I look over and my son is holding this large plastic circle display cover that was right in front of his face. FIRSTLY, it was a broken display, there were screws missing from this display so my son was able to lift it up. It wasn't meant to go up. I apologized, but then, it's these next few words out of this bitch's mouth that gets me red in the cheeks. "Your son broke that.". Mc-excuse me bitch? "No. He just finished the job. Are you saying that my son unscrewed the other support nails that were supposed to be in place to keep this display grounded? That my son was able to LIFT this which should not have been able to be LIFTED in the first place, and my son broke it?".

Golden rule, parent to parent, you don't EVER criticize someone else and how they are raising their kids, AND IF you ever do, you better do it in the most politest way ever. MORE SO YOU NEVER do it when you are at work and you are talking to the customer! Customer service skills? This little cunt could have used a lesson in some. She replies, "I'm not going to argue with you. You need to pay more attention to your son. Your son is causing property damage.". I'm livid. I have NEVER been treated with such disrespect as a customer. But. It. Gets. Better. So, of course, now, I just want to get the fuck out of here. But since apparently, these bastards are the only people who can help me and send me on my way, I'm stuck. So again, I'm trying to deal with this young lady at the counter when my son walks out of my view, I can still hear him and I call to him to come here, the young lady say, "Go get your son before he breaks something else.". Someone, help me. I was about to reach over that fucking counter and DROP this bitch FACE first into the ground.

Without saying anything, I walked over to my son, grabbed him, sat him down in a chair right behind me and I whisper a wide range of threats into his ear. With him finally seated, he starts crying. Which I knew he would. But again, I am trying to get him used to being out in public and like an idiot, I kept telling myself, "It's cool, I got this." No I didn't, Lord save me! IF YOU CAN EVER leave your kids at home with a responsible adult, for important meetings, that need your full attention, baby, DO IT! If you are like me and crazy protective over your kids, trust me, it's not worth it! Any ways, so I get back to the counter, and what this young lady had said just keeps playing in my ear. "Go get your son before he breaks something else.". The mom in me, came out, and I said, "Go get your son before he breaks something else, you got a lot of nerve. Shame on you and the person who trained you. This is the worst customer service I have EVER experienced and I'll wait to be handled by another employee.". And with that, I sat down with my little booger and waited for someone else to get free.

I got handled by the rest of my transaction but the MANAGER of this location, and the ONLY reason I didn't go onto google and rip this store's reputation apart, the reason I didn't get corporate number as I was leaving, was because of this manager and her customer service to me and my son. She had kids, she understood, three year old. I dare say she treated me EVEN better because of the way her employee had treated me and honestly, that made me feel terrible. I hope, that bitch got fired. OR GOT A REALLY REALLY GOOD TALKING TO. But okay that's enough for today. I pray NONE of you ladies EVER have to deal with something like this. And I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Let's hear some other stories!

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for listening to my little rant I've got a million more! Thankfully, this is the only one dealing with my middle son!

Update: Recently this little twat came into my job, to shop, I was walking past the front door when I heard the front door open and like a good employee, I turned my head and started to greet her. My heart dropped. I was shocked and I was pissed. Thinking, "Oh yeah, I remember you, of course, I doubt you remember me, I am in my work uniform and I don't have my 3 year old bouncing off the wall next to me."

I smiled and greeted her and waited up front for her to come up with her stuff. Like a professional, I handled her transaction, and even when over and beyond to help her... I then turned to the other manager next to me, after she had left, and told him about how I really wanted to use my manager status to kick her the hell out of our store BUT that would have been petty...and abusing my power. He liked that I had taken the higher road with her. A small part of me HOPES she did remember me, and she is kicking herself. But I honestly know that wouldn't be the case.

Again, thank you all for reading, reply with a story of your own, what is something that happened to you that you would like to get off your chest?
Motherfucking Firestone.

Take my older model vehicle in, for an inspection, and brake light bulbs. "Mr. Victorious, you need a catalytic converter"... Fuck. Maybe, the engine light was on, but I thought it was a sensor fuck up, because the light
Came on when I put anti freeze in, 2 months ago. Firestone's tech guy wasn't working, so tomorrow. They had it 3 whole days, did not pass! "you have to drive it 100 miles, to re set the indicators".. Fuck it. The damn left brake light is still out. $1,246 later, no inspection, and one brake light working. Fuck Firestone
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Purlie, you got fucked without the pleasure part of it!
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Oh lord! See, this is why I upped and married a mechanic. The car starts making a funky noise, and right away I'm telling him to fix the car! "Hey Dickhead, the car is making a funny noise. What did you do to it?!". And ONLY if he can't fix it, will we take it to Firestone. My father is a auto mechanic too but he lives in Texas and likes to take his sweet ass time. Recently my husband has told me that we need new tires but I sincerely wish that was the only problem. My little baby is running on it's last leg, I'm just waiting for the engine to go out, from there I'm just to polish up my hitch hiking thumb and pray!! Lol

Also I would personally like to thank you for participating in this thread! It's nice to get some things off of your chest, right!

Mr. Sole,

Is there anything you would like to add? Maybe a little story of your own?
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I am so glad that both of our sons are grown men now and out on their own.

Both of them found wives, and we get along with both of these girls, our daughters-in-law. So far this sounds good, right?

Our eldest son [Danny] has fairly severe autism, his wife [Ravin] works with mentally handicapped adults and she she insisted that she was going to be able to handle him.

When Ravin was pregnant, the ultra-sounds alerted the doctors because the fetus did not show any brain. It had a skull with no detectable brain inside. So my wife and I were both suggesting that it be aborted, and try again. But Ravin was so filled with hormones that she insisted on trying to raise the child. We knew that our son [Danny] was not going to be able to handle the stress of a cerebral palsy child. *
The child was born, it has cerebral palsy, 100% disability and it is a huge burden on its parents.

Our youngest son is Matthew, married Elizabeth, and he is in the Army. During Matt's first deployment to Afghanistan, Elizabeth got a job on-base as a barmaid. Then she started going to the gym where she lost a bunch of weight, she got a make-over and started posting about the attention she was getting from the single men at her bar. *

*- this is clearly behavior that was ringing bells in our minds that the marriage was on rocky ground.

The first week of May both daughters-in-law message my wife that they are filling for divorce. Ravin is mad because she is trying to raise a child with cerebral palsy and Danny has completely lost his mind over it. and Elizabeth wants to divorce Matthew while he is deployed in combat, because she with all the weight she lost other men find her attractive.

Both of our sons' wives are divorcing them, at the same time. We foresaw both of these marriages hitting the rocks from the behavior of these girls.

I served on Active Duty for 20 years, as my handle 'retired submariner' should indicate I served deployed underwater for most of my career. Divorcing a servicemember while he is deployed is the worse insult you can do. That is horrible conduct, in my mind.