Equality in the work place

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I sincerely believe women should be paid the same as men and viewed as equals in society.

That being typed if I worked in a office environment and came to work with a hillshire farms summer sausage taped to my leg WELL JUST BECAUSE IT GIVES ME MORE CONFIDENCE would I be able to keep it there or would I be fired for sexual harassment?

Fake boobs?

Summer sausage?


Think !
Women want to be equal to a man when it benefits them. They also want you to pay their bills if they can get away with it. They want to sleep around with the top 20% of guys throughout there 20-30's and expect a guy to pay full price when their looks fade. Women are known to wait at the finish line to get their man.
Women are payed as much as a man per hour in the same field. They just work less hours and work in a lower skilled job.
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