Someone once asked - "What are you watching?"

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Everyone is watching some series they like and cannot wait to watch. Maybe it's on Netflix, HBO or Showtime?

I have been hooked on this lately.

And waiting for this to startup again!!

Originally Posted by DarthMaul
‘Obscenely enjoyable’: why Harlots is the best show you’re not watching

I love a slow, pretentious drama as much as any TV nerd, but Harlots delights in its breakneck pace. In this world, people die young and sentiment is hard to come by, so it makes sense that it simply moves through the action at a giddy speed.

The writing is scintillating. My eye's on Miss Petiffer.

Binge up bitches! It's right up our alley.
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In light of our Secretary of Labor's distress . . . how appropriate. Wouldn't you say?