Four-hand massage?

Never tried a four-hand massage, who had this experience?
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I had insurance pay A chiropractorand pick out sexes one in my area and she and here assistant use a machine.
Aren't you glad you asked?
It can be quite a wondrous experience.
I have. not a big fan. too much going on to relax I thought.
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those are awesome dates! threesomes are my favorite with my favorite girlfriends!
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In February I had a four hand experience with two beautiful Asian women. I was in the hospital for a total hip replacement surgery. After the procedure I was having a difficult time urinating. I asked to be catheratized and soprt of passed out again. Came out of my post-op daze with a feeling of on-going bladder relief.

So I raised by head to look down there and found two georgus Asian nurses handling my man-junk with professional efficiency. And nothing else was going on but pissing through a rubber tube!

The only other way to have a similar experience would involve a pimp and $400!

THAT my four-hand experience.