Webroot Secure Anywhere?

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Hello all, I have been using Webroot Secure Anywhere for years, In your opinion is this a good Antivirus, or do you know of a better one? -

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From my limited experience with Webroot it seems solid. For security I much prefer Avast for free and a good VPN which cost about the same as Webroot. I hardly ever have any malware at all and rarely see a notice from Avast that it has found anything that required more than a notification.

Using a VPN helped me cut down on spam email a bunch also.

There are a few good VPN providers, and if you check around there are some great deals available. I pay about $3 a month and would gladly pay twice that much.
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Thanks, brother
Free software is usually with some deficiencies or features lacking so they can make a pitch to sell you the "full" or "deluxe" version...

I use Norton 360 and gladly pay about $120 a year for it for installation on up to 5 devices, including Android phones. It scans every web page before you load it, and blocks web pages infested with computer cooties. Every other product that I am aware of scans your computer after the fact and then tells you that you've downloaded cooties.

I pay about the same amount for a combined Protonmail VPN and encrypted email package. I've never seen any other VPN that shows you real time server loads, and allows you to choose the countries that your VPN connection goes through. The email allows you to choose the encryption algorithm, and the bit density - from 128 bits (5 year old can hack) to 2,048 bits (which most personal computers lack enough RAM to encrypt and decrypt). Again, very satisfied with this package.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for your insight.
You're welcome!