Unofficial ECCIE Sandbox Video Game Thread

Per the instruction of the ECCIE mods in another thread, this is an attempt to start a video gaming thread in the Sandbox. This would include PC gaming, MMORPGs, console gaming (e.g. XBox 360, Wii, PS3), and handheld gaming.

If you don't like or care for video gaming, then there's really no need to hear from you in this thread. Please keep the discussions civil, and leave the political derp for the other Sandbox threads.

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Ok time to get my geek on. I'm big into pvp mmo's currently playing Kotor (Knight of the Old Republic for you non Star Wars fans) Anyways getting bored with the game and mostly playing because my guild still does. Any suggestions on any upcomming pvp mmo's currently in development that I need to keep an eye out for. Most of my guild is thinking Guild Wars 2 but not really a fan.
Ohhhh... I haven't played the Knight of the Old Republic but currently am playing STWOR (Star Wars Old Republic). I have a level 50 healing Sorc and am currently at 43 on a PT tanky.

I got into the Tera Beta this past weekend and I really enjoyed the Target / Combat system. The game itself is nothing but eyecandy for total eyegasm! I am definitely going to buy Tera when it is up for sale here soon in early March.

Even though Tera is almost a duplicate of Aion in some ways (which I played for years) it is not the same grind. XP comes pretty fast from 0-20.
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SWOTOR here 42 Jug but Im keeping it really casual after being a hard core EQ/WOW for the last 8 years.
Yea I did hardcore raiding in Wow and in Aion and am now in a guild that is pretty casual. I just don't have the patience to deal with 4-5 hours of raiding or even constant

I really really do like the Tera game though and will be back in the weekend beta coming up on the 6th I believe.

It forces you to pay attention and target stuff and not simply click spells and spam them without paying attention. The bosses and elite mobs give visual ques to when they are getting ready to do some serious damage so if your paying attention you can dodge/run out of the way. Healing is also challenging as you have to target the player instead of clicking on a party/raid frame. They also made it where there is no clipping involved with toons (actually players) so you can do body blocking. PVP is actually fun and challenging.

I am really digging the sexy outfits on the females toons also. They toned down the Elin race and put short shorts on them and now don't show their belly because the Korean developers knew that the westerners could not handle something like that. Can't speak specifically why here but you can read up on it on the gamer forums about the Elin race.
I used to play wow. I was a S2 glad (5s and 3s). I sold points/weapons/shoulders S3, quit S4. Went to uni. Got injured in 2010 and started playing again with my roommate. We got Warbringer and HoH x2. Then I quit again - at that point the big R1s had a bunch of accounts so we just faced them on alts with friends over and over and while we had a good win percentage (over 80%), it became a grind.

I haven't been playing anything seriously in awhile. I have a Wii, a PS3, a gaming laptop, a gaming PC (my baby, I built her a couple years ago and keep upgrading her), and a TV PC. Sometimes I'll put Fallout NV* on the big screen and play on the TV PC,

I'm enjoying Mario Party 9, Kirby's Epic Yarn (already beat Return to Dreamland), Red Dead Redemption, GoW3 (again), a plethora of old games (Link to the Past, Zelda 2, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden 1-2, Legends of Legaia, Threads of Fate, Mario 1, 2JP, 3 just to name a few!) I'm not PC gaming at the moment, I go in and out of that.

It's my come home from work and do for an hour activity these days, much like some people enjoy a beer or a cigarette.

*I have been in love with Fallout since 2001. I got 1/2 in a double disc pack for 9 bucks because my mom went "That looks...kinda cool!". 3 was a huge disappointment but NV made up for a lot of it.
I have been wanting to try GoW3 and also I have been watching the "secret society" game that is in beta at the moment. I remember having a LAN party at my house and that was sooo much fun. We would converge in the livingroom move everything around and place our computers all over the place. We would play for 2 days straight over the weekend and eat nothing but pizza take

I did play Rift too when it came out. I still think Rift is a beautiful game. I just don't have as much money to throw out on more than one or two subs a month right now.
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  • 03-28-2012, 02:47 PM
Martians, all of you!

Martians, all of you!

j/k Originally Posted by CJ7

Here are some Tera online Trailers:

Sexy Female Armor Render examples

Sorcerer vs Crablord BAM (big ass monster)

I really enjoy getting into my fantasy games and enjoy the comradeship with others in game. It is just all around fun and a great way to destress after a long day.
SWOTOR here 42 Jug but Im keeping it really casual after being a hard core EQ/WOW for the last 8 years. Originally Posted by Grifter
I have a 42-43 PT tank so if you want whisper me and we can hook up in game if your on the same server as me. I am on Candoros Ordo

Oh I have to add this, I was in the beta and it was hilarious because the general chat was going like crazy and this guy said "I don't know whether to jerk off to my character or fight in the game", to which another guy replied "I dear sir, can do both"
So what *is* the overall verdict of Star Wars ToR? I've heard both bad and good; in fact, one of the Dallas (TSKakes) providers was telling me she enjoyed it, but that her interest was waning.

Been thinking about this or Rift...and there's no way I'm jumping into WOW. I game enough on the 360 and PS3 as it is.

Also, going back through Gears 3 and just got the (craptacular) neon endings to Mass Effect 3. If there's anyone that deserves a rubber fist and no lube, it's the asshats that came up with that shitty ending.
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If your thinking about Kotor I would wait till after the big patch 2.1 that comes out in April. They have some changes planned but I really like PvP (Player vs Player) and the game lacks in open world PvP. I think I might play another month till Diablo 3 comes out. Been waiting for that game for too many years but not too sure how we'll I like the pay to play vs free online like they used to have. Oh Missy the fact that your a hot gamer chick I'm adding you to my radar and hopefully we'll meet one day .
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I love restaurants and hidden object games on pc. I used to play a virtual sex world game, I can't remember the name of it. It had other horny geeks, having their fantasies virtually fulfilled ah ah. I even virtually fell in love with a frenchy.
On ps2-3 or xbox I like the sims, shooting/war games and cake mania