Encounter: (Tijuana) Trio at Hong Kong

Date: 3/8/19
Name: Marina and Sadie
Contact Info: Calle Coahuila 2009
Tijuana, BC, 22000, Mexico
URL / Website: http://hktijuana.com/
General Area: Zona Norte, Tijuana Mx
Activities: CBJx2, DATYx2, MPCFSx2, Greekx1, Girl on Girl
Hair Length and Color: Marina - Blonde highlights to mid-back
Sadie - black hair just below shoulders
Age: 20-22
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Physical Description: Marina - ~110 lbs spinnerish B-cup or so...all natural
Sadie - ~135 lbs with great youthful curves, C-cup up top...all natural
Recommendation: Yes
Like I needed another reason to go to Tijuana. Great read