My upcoming trip

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Just booked my flight to San Diego for end of May. I can't wait.

Will be staying at Cascadas and trying to decide which room to get. Going on a Monday, Tuesday so I can get the discount, but not sure if I should get the single, double, or master?

Any recommendations?
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I'd personally go with the jacuzzi or master suite, just because after a couple rounds with your overnight chick you two can soak in the tub taking turns giving each other back rubs, while sipping on your drink of choice.
Master. It’s only a couple dollars more on mon/tues. the master rooms have windows to the outside. I find that very beneficial during a multiple day stay just to help with a sense of normality and time of day.
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I wouldn't worry about the jacuzzi unless you are the kind of guy who takes up girls for extended time. It takes ages for the jacuzzi to fill up and it rarely gets very hot. The girls aren't going to want to hang out with you in the tub unless they are engaged for longer time -- they are planning to go back to work and don't want to mess up their hair and makeup. Also, the jacuzzi takes up a lot of space in the room, if you aren't getting the master suite.
MASTER SUITE SHOULD BE THE MIN. I Booked a single one night and hated it. Havent been in the double.
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I want to be above the noise too. Are the masters all on the higher floors and the singles and doubles on the lower floors?
There are master suites starting on 4 as I was offered one once but requested something higher instead. 6 is nice because all elevators go that high. 7&8 are newly remodeled but only have the one elevator that services them.