Websites for TJ

I'm an expert in other parts of the world and want to save myself time researching for hours.

I've visited Hong Kong club and experienced everything in that area, including the street. I want to know websites of escorts and other listings instead. I know there must be better here.

P.S. I can speak Spanish OK, and am quite experienced in other Mexican cities.

So, once again: What are the major and best websites for TJ?
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I used “ queens” in tijuana every time that I have been there.
Dfk bbj msog daty mpcfs and more .

There are also plenty of other escort agencies there if you look through some of the other reviews.

Now ,
Do you have any experience with the fkk ‘s in Frankfurt ? I’m headed there in August.
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Now ,
Do you have any experience with the fkk ‘s in Frankfurt ? I’m headed there in August. Originally Posted by brownfish
I'm there monthly for 5-10 day trips and will be there in August. Feel free to PM me. There's tons of info on the ISG but reliability is not great anymore; tons of bullshitting on there to the point I have stopped posting on there more chest pumping than truth in reporting. Bring money. Prices are up. However if one is not there constantly and making a once a year trip or 2X a year cost is not an issue only becomes an issue when spending 50-100 days a year there. For the Hessen/Frankfurt clubs budget 300-500 Euros a day if you want to fuck 3 or more times. In the summer FKK World in Geissen /Pohlheim is very popular as it has the largest outdoor gardens/pools etc. ; FKK Oase too.

However most clubs have outdoor facilities. I happen to love Mainhatten in the city accessible by Tram 11 for just 2,75 Euro ; the other city club is Palace ( 3 U-Bahn stops with one transfer)

The largest most popular one is probably down in Darmstadt ( 19 min train ride+ 10 min taxi from Darmstadt Hbf) if coming from the FFMain Hbf station
and also near Darmstadt is a tiny one called ROM

In neighboring Hanau you have two:
These will be mainly Germans and Turks; few tourists go here, quality in looks is lower and average age higher but arrogance levels lower, more down to earth girls..

if looking for the AO Clubs 'Bareback Clubs' they too are around but no longer guaranteed AO for non club regulars and one club just closed down temporarily was sold to a new owner. Many guys are getting turned down for Bareback now for a slew of reasons it's now YMMV to unknown faces. There is one of these clubs in Dietzenbach about 20 km from FFMain and the other ones are in the NRW region with Luderland in Leverkusen outside Cologne and up in the area between Moers and Dortmund you have several in Duisberg, Wattensheid, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund. These clubs have no real sites just splash pages with BS info on them, best just to show up and take your chances. Lower prices, lower entries, no amenities often shit showers and lockers etc. Girls aren't as beautiful.

If you want to get good service without the attitudes and have a car can try Finca Erotica about an hour or so up the A3 Motorway up to Cologne in Dierdorf; it is really as far as World is but in the opposite direction.

The ISG ( or I ) can give you the pricing structure but keep in mind reported prices guys tell and actual prices paid are not the same; tons of clowns on there and I stopped meeting up with many of them as I frequent the shit clubs now anyway and hang out with the European locals I meet from there. Germans, Turks, Swiss etc. I am transitioning from Frankfurt to the NRW region and will start flying in to Dusseldorf instead.

Enjoy. For more specifics PM me and I'll try to help best I can.
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As far as club info, both and ISG have plenty of reviews. The comments on the Hong Kong page get used more than the other clubs and contain some useful tips.

For some club and more street info, check out
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Check out Tijuana talk theses alot of good info
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Just found some good feedback on another agency in TJ. Younger girls, good prices (some extras are a la carte), and I trust the reviewers. I'll be trying them on my next trip.

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thx for the info on the escort sites.
Reliable agencies:

I've tried many of those agencies, as well as different hotels in the area. HMU for help if you need.

Edit: also, if you want independents check out Originally Posted by KCQuestor
Thank you for posting the links! I used a few times before; good communication, pictures are accurate and they have a nice little forum.

How was your experience using the other websites you listed?