Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby Dating

What are your thoughts on it? A lot of women tend to get into the lifestyle for many reasons. One of the reasons primarily is of course the financial freedom/security. Some are short term, some are long term. Some are NSA, some require exclusivity.

Men, this question is for you? Are you a supporter or are you against it? Are you looking for a sugar baby? Have you ever had one before? Are you looking for someone local and discrete or are you looking for someone to fly out for a weekend?

Ladies, has this ever crossed your mind at least once? Have you been with a sugar daddy? Are you even attracted to older men?

I would love to learn everyone's input on it. Have a lovely day!
I have a LOT of experience with SB/SD relationships. I have had many. I have a lot of thoughts about it, both positive and negative. I should write a full review I think about my experiences
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  • 09-30-2014, 12:39 PM
I have been in a sugar baby/daddy relationship. It had it's pros and cons. The downside for me is that I would never even consider being in one had I not had more interest than purely financial. The financial part just was just an added bonus. It worked very well for me until such a time that I realized that I wanted more than what I had with him. I wanted someone around on holidays and such. He, by that time was convinced that he should leave his wife and family. I disagreed. That was never my intentions. It was fun, he was fun, and provided very well for me. It allowed me to live a lifestyle in which I could've never lived had it not been for our relationship. I wasn't a provider at the time, nor had I ever been. I ended because I didn't want him to destroy his family, nor could I any longer see him knowing I had any part in that happening. He became very obsessive, jealous. I, became distant. Sure, on holidays, he sent me on beautiful trips, however, that was just as much for his peace of mind as it was for me. It lasted for 4 years, and was a wonderful time in my life. We spent at least three days a week together, it was likened to him leading a double life. Before that relationship, had someone told me I would've ever been in one as it was, I, along with everyone that knew me would have called you a liar.
NEVER SAY NEVER. However, I can honestly say that still, even now, being a provider, I would not even consider being in one unless I was getting more out of it than financial gain. Some trade offs are simply not worth it. I am a provider as I enjoy it, I do get more out of than just financial gain. It fills a need, a void if you will.
Ive had two very good experiences. One was very personal woth emotional feelings that began to develop. One was less complicated. No strings attached kinda thing. Im actually still involved with both and they are still working out very well for all parties Involved. I like it!!!
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^^^^^^ every time I see your avatar I
It really depends on the person I'm interested in and our mutual situations. Recently, I've met two single moms where I felt something like this would work. Waiting for the friendship to mature a bit before taking the next step.
I'm kinda dating my SB. Met the family, friends, exes, everything. Lol. Med school for her was a good investment on my part.
I've been a sugar baby once in college. I didn't realize that what it was at the time. He first bought me lingerie and small presents and then gave me a Victoria Secret card.....then a Belk Credit card....then he just gave me an American Express to use at my discretion. We had a lot of fun but he would only come up to visit maybe two days a month.

I had to end it because he started to cross boundaries I didn't want to cross such as springing a brunch with his parents on me with no warning or taking me to family reunions and weddings. I was 21...I just wanted a BA not my MRS.
I am not sure where the boundries are between a SB and a FWB is at. I have a FWB/SB, I buy her things. Problem is that it hurts. I watch her leave with her live-in bf. On Christmas, I am alone. On New Year's, I am alone. Sometimes, she sneaks off to call me, like when she goes to the movies with him, and she sneaks off to the restroom to call me. I love those times. Then other times, she never calls, Christmas, New Years Eve, her birthday. She says it is because her bf is controlling. I have been caught by him with her at her house. He has pulled a gun on me, twice; he is a cop. It has been really hard. I moved away from her, and now, I am 400 miles from her. Still, I miss her, and I hate her. I loved the relationship, and I hated it. I don't even know what one could call the relationship. I did it because she is young and hot. She did it because, I don't really know why. She calls me a few times, a week. I do see her once in a while. We usually meet up about 500 miles away, sometimes in the small town that she is in. I really don't want to ever do it, again. Then again, maybe. It is really hard because it is hard not to get emotionally involved. BTW, she had my baby, and the cop knows it is mine.
I've had about 5 SD (at different times). My problem was when they became too attached and demanded too much of my time. The last one I had freaked me out because he asked me to marry him, although he's a very successful business man, I didn't want that. He went as far as buying my beautiful S550, but I had to be straight up with him in the end because I didn't want to hurt him. If it was up to me, I'd rather have a SD than to be in this business. And I'd definitely do it all over again! It's great when both parties are there for each other (physically and monetarily)!
Never had a SD, how do you find one? (:
There are sites out there... Or you just get lucky and he comes to you lol!!
Lol, I'm hoping for the 2nd option
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Lol, I'm hoping for the 2nd option Originally Posted by AshaBrown
I have done a couple of sugardaddy setups.
Usually they start off pretty good. I think my longest one was about 3 years.
Got her through Law school. lol
Never done it but definitely wanting to see about finding a Sb. Casually browsed certain sites and never took it seriously because requests were way outta my comforts on finances and sites were scamming needing to pay gain access to communincating with the gal..
Also depends on the gal.