Cancun - Strip Clubs / Brothels

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There is no discussion area for CANCUN for I am posting it here. Maybe the moderator will start a need section.

Cancun has changed over the years. There used to be a red light district called Playa 21 south of the city, but that is completely gone, although you might see some old reviews that still talk about it.

When I was there the cab driver suggested 'Pleasure Principle', but when he told me the going price was $300 USD, I asked for another option. There apparently are two other options. 'Elen Cantro' and 'La Caldera Del Marquez' the driver said he was taking me to closer one. I didn't see the name, but I assume they are similar. These clubs/brothels are located down town, pretty far from the tourist area. It is about a 10 minute taxi ride (150 pecsos) an located in a mainly in a residential area, although I felt safe at all times.

Entrance fee was $20 USD. I only saw locals, no tourist but me, although the girls spoke pretty good english. The girls were pretty, but not sitting with the locals. It was a little early and maybe the locals were biding their time. The club was loud with a large stage in the center. When I 1st came in there was a girl dancing, but she sat down before I could even get seated and no dancing occurred while I was there.

The girl I talked to was an independent from Cabo who travels around tourist cities. Her price was 1000 pescos ($80) but the on-site room cost was 1200 pescos ($100). She realized that this was an expensive room cost and suggested we meet at my hotel.

I didn't really have much time at this point. So I settled for a couple of table dances and a few beers.

Table dances were about $5 - $10 and beers were about $5 and lady drinks about $10.

There is also apparently street walkers readily available, but expect them to not speak English and probably not very clean
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Thanks for the info. I went to Cancun last August for 4 nights / 5 day vacation. Very disappoited in the amount of action there. Seemed like only couples and families at the hotel. I was thinking that maybe the local LE had cracked down on the local providers or they moved to another town. Thinking I better do more homework on my next trip.
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We do need a Cancun or Yucatan section. I'll tell you what I do know, wish I had the opportunity to know more. #1; If the prostitution part in legal (with a license) but not street walking. There are some real high dollar hotties I would love to sample. go to backpage yucatan and you'll see many but I don't how safe or clean. I walked right in front of this place, a guy selling tours tired to take me in there but I did not believe him, then a year later I saw this http://www.pleasure-principle-cancun...n-escorts.html click map , no name no sign on the door but I got a felling there are some beautiful woman in there. It was the perfect moment when I had the opportunity to hobby a hour or so. Ended up with a instead going to get a massage w/no happy ending

same group has a location in Playa Del Carmen

Anybody has gone in? please share
I've been to pleasure principle both in cancun and in playa. They are both very nice and similar. My advice is walk into these places off the street not using their car service or a cab driver that gets a fee and ask for a discount. One time I paid 200 for an hour another time I had to pay 250. Each time I was escorted to a very nice room and offered a complimentary beer. The girls come in one by one to flirt and show off their assets. Then the manager comes in and asks what girl you liked. I tell them and negotiate a little better price. You get a nice clean room and a hot escort for an hour. Not a bad experience and it sure beats a cab ride to a jip joint full of fuglies and crooks. Its expensive but, you are treated well both by the establishment and the girl. No need to ask about multiple pops its assumed. If you finish early you get a nice massage. In playa if you walk down 5th avenue there will be cute massage girls that I have had very good luck with. Price of an hour massage is 20-25 and when available extras are pretty reasonable.