Trying a new one this afternoon

Found this cutie on Craigslist, Monterrey.

She has a manager but all $$ is with her. I'm going to give her a shot (pun intended) or two this afternoon. I should be able to review by tomorrow.

Wish me luck TOFTT

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Keep up the research
Well as usual, this one backed out but supposedly she will be available next Tuesday, I'll try again.

Anyway, I ended up checking out Alicia Dolls House and have Marilu on her way to my hotel.

If you keep watch on the website/ chat thing, they offer happy hours often.

Anyway, about 30 minutes til she is due to arrive so I'll write a review after she leaves

On a side note, I drove by the Pino Suarez & Reforma area today and there were herds of SW's and lots of cheap motels. Some were even decent looking. I may try to get some SW head next week or so, it was just sleazy enough to be a turn on BUT everything will have to be covered!!

Anyway, review to follow!