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Hello All,

I'm exploring the possibility of visiting Monterrey later this year.

I've started contacting providers through WhatsApp, to get a lay of the land and inquire about rates.

One gal responded with a quote of MXP$1000, and request for prepayment of MXP$700, with the balance being due at the conclusion of the session. She provided a debit card number, and instructed me to go to a convenience store to load the deposit on to the debit card.

This sounds very risky to me. Is this customary?

I responded to the provider politely, explaining that I am not in Monterrey and only planning a trip, and thanked her for answering my questions.

It is only customary if you are a total IDIOT.
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Do NOT do this. It's a well known scam that will not result in anything other than a loss of your money. I'm sorry to say that I know this from personal experience.
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Dont do it!!
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Thank you, gentlemen, for your reply.

I hope this thread will prevent a hobbyist from wasting his money.

Is there an idiom in Spanish similar to "I was born at night, but not last night"? Maybe <<naci' en la noche, pero no ANOCHE!>>