Encounter: (Monterrey) Monterrey Dissapointed with Sophie from Alicia Doll House

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Date: Early Sept
Name: Sophie
Contact Info: -
URL / Website: aliciadollshouse.com
General Area: Love Motel around downtown
Activities: CBJ, CFS
Hair Length and Color: Black, Strait past shoulders
Age: 20
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: About 5'4" pretty face, light skin complexion, thin flat tummy big pretty smile, small C, cute butt, sweet girl.
Recommendation: No
Sorry to hear about your experiance i have used this agency in GDL but my experiance what better. I would contact the agency and let them know. Just a suggestion.
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I thought about that but I figured they wouldn't give a shit and probably put me on the no list. I don't plan on using them again at least not in Monterrey. Besides there are many other better options.
It's a learning experience for me in Mty and an opportunity to educate fellow hobbist seeing as how there isn't a whole lot of info on here. I plan on gathering more intel since I'll be returning to Mty.
If you use LucesAzules please let us know how their service is, they seem to have good options
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I sure will. I've been following their girls on twitter and from what I've read in the comments they seem to have a very good reputation and good customer satisfaction.
I have used LucesAzules about 6 times...prompt, accurate, girls show up on time and where I instruct. Easy communications via WhatsApp. I have also met a couple girls and fucked em at strip clubs, then exchange numbers and they come to my hotel for the night...for about 250/nt. More money for them than the club and more fun for me, no rush, no people right outside the room like in the club...Enjoy...you can build a stable of regulars relatively inexpensively and they are eager to please. I had one stay with me every night, after work dinners or whenever I wanted for 8 nights...gave her 1K us and she was thrilled. Be safe!