Review: (Ciudad Acuņa) Acuna nights

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Date: 18 sep 20
Name: Alexa (I think)
Contact Info: Go to hunters
URL / Website: -
General Area: A little quiet at first but warmed up fast. Always had a smill on her face. Nice smile. on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say 7 or 8 I am normally a hard judge though. She told me she had 2 Kids but looking at her it was hard to tell.
Activities: DATY Dog Cowboy CBBJ Mish
Session Length: 1/2 went a good 45
Fee: $ + 20 for room & 25 my option
Hair Length and Color: Mid Back Tight curl And Black. I think her hair was permed
Age: 28 - 34
Smoking Status: Smoker
Physical Description: Small A, Fairly tight stomach, Really nice round back side. Very pleasant face. about 5'4" Hard to tell with the tall heels she had on. Great Legs. No visible Tat's
Recommendation: Yes