Encounters and Showcases

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Are those coming back? I was in the PNW for a few weeks and just went to post an AD and see that I am not able to. What gives?
Yea I just noticed this too
Same here, plus weekly and weekend boards are gone as well.
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new law is in effect
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what new law? any links?
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It is either a slow shut down or this site is going to be nothing but a discussion board. One thing is for sure, like the shut down in April of this year, there is not going to be an Eccie staff member who will explain anything, all you will have is speculations.

what new law? any links? Originally Posted by NaughtyMaddy

I do not know what it is like in other states, but in Texas, https://www.dallasjustice.com/new-te...tember-1-2019/
I agree Wile, looks like it will become a discussion board. Pics, I think, are pretty important as well as the other forums that have now been removed. Not sure what the future holds for ECCIE now, but I am positive it will not be as useful from here on out.
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I post ads in California. I thought they were enforcing a new Texas law?
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Wow.... This is horrible....
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wow atleast I am not the only one. literally where are we supposed to post ads at now on here? this is so terrible? I have loved eccie for years. and now this.. so sad
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We live in stupid times.
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Man that’s crazy
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For once, I have to agree with YR. Much as I dislike that disgusting motherfucker.

Fucking pimps and traffickers. Had to ruin it for all legit hobby activities. Legalize pussy peddling, problem solved.
Hope the site owners of ECCIE have a plan B in place, like getting a mirror site with a .ch extension like PrivateDelights & EroticMonkey.
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o2 is still up in all areas to what end?