Sensual seductions or short encounters?

Iíve been in the companionship industry so to speak for about 10 years off and on. Always wondered if the discretionís of men soupy depends on their personalities or the need at the time or quite possibly both? My mind tends to wonder but feel free to enlighten me🙌🏼😊🤷🏻♀️
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It depends on the guy on question.

A lot of hobbyists are literally just looking for someone to let them enthusiastically put their pork steeple into a gut locker.

Personally, I can get that at home for free, but its still distasteful - which is why I hobby. Or at least, try to hobby. I want to have dinner, share a bottle of wine, be seduced, have a woman make me feel like sheís actively interested in me.

In my experiences, even the ladies who accomodate dinner dates, overnighters, extended visits, or include GFE or IoP in their offerings really donít; theyíre too used to having men take the lead, taking instructions, and apparently having the men want to feel like they are successfully seducing the woman, and sheís becoming pliant to his desires.

Thatís the real downside of thr hobbyist/provider relationship - there isnít room or time for seduction. I want to feel seduced. I want a build up. I want a woman to take the lead. I donít want to risk $XXX per hour for X hours, paid in advance, that sheís going to muck it up - and the provider who doesnít think ďtime is moneyĒ and focus on the transactional nature of her job is exquisitely rare. Thatís the realm of sugar babies. I donít know if you can see my reviews or not, but theyíre all multi-hour or multi-day - I canít just turn it on and execute. But this industry caters very poorly to long term engagements, and very much towards each party trying to maximize the value of their money.

So...I think youíll find short encounters are the preference, because the alternative isnít a realistic expectation. Hate to be pessimistic, but Iím years of searching and five figures into disappointments.
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From a woman’s perspective I love finding encounters that desire what I consider to be true GFE. Which consists of more time together, I love personal connections. Coming over and cooking dinner, the excitement of getting dressed up to go out and be showed off on his arm. I’ve had someone drive into a concrete post while watching me walk with my arm piece. And my favorite just coming over to spend quality time, sensual wrestling. Coming over with a small gift and sitting out under the trees swinging and talking about life.
Finding gentleman like this I think are rare. I’ve put a lot of money into my hosting place to attract the type of men I want to call on me. Milking table, Karmasutra Chair etc
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All hookers want Johns to pay for More time together lol

They are hookers looking for money
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It’s one of those things if there wasn’t Johns there wouldn’t be hookers. Can’t have one without the other so what you really mad at ?
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It is pretty much a fact.
Not sure what your point is.

Would you rather see a john for 15 minutes and make 20 or for four hours and make a few hundred??

Calling yourself a spinner is kind of funny.
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It is pretty much a fact.
Not sure what your point is.

Would you rather see a john for 15 minutes and make 20 or for four hours and make a few hundred??

Calling yourself a spinner is kind of funny. Originally Posted by Gotyour6
Good heavens.

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Yea Gotyour6 I haven't seen a 200# spinner!
Maybe she spinning on something else?
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I like 30 minute appointments, I can get in and out. I dont need dinner and seduction, I just want a clean nice reliable lady I can do my thing with and carry on with my day.
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I have one or two providers in each city I frequent. There's nothing where I live and I travel specifically to see them. They've been cultivated over time because of chemistry and what each brings to the table. They're all different, at least marginally, including age and ethnicity, although I favor Asians heavily and Thai specifically. I see a specific lady depending on my needs at the time. If the chemistry was good, and you look anything close to your pics, I'm sure I'd be looking for a longer gfe session with you.
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For years, I only offered lunch or dinner dates and the rate was the same as my 90 min rate at lunch and 2 hour rate at dinner, but it was off the clock. I still offer that for P411 members. It’s equally great for first time friends, to get to know them, as it is for return visitors where chemistry has already been established.

Some girls think I’m crazy for offering this, but I think of it this’s not like I’m going to see two guys in one evening. I like getting dressed up and going on dates, so I get to enjoy a nice evening with a cool guy who treats me to a nice time and then we head back to my place for a nitecap and “dessert.” I think everybody wins.

As an aside, the minimum time I offer is 90 min but the rate is the same as the average hour amount in my area. Occasionally, guys only want an hour (mostly because of work constraints), which just means they leave early, but that’s their choice.
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I want to feel seduced. I want a build up. I want a woman to take the lead. Originally Posted by TravelingGentleman
Ditto! As they say in business, "focus on doing your job exceptionally well and the money will come to you"
It's some I have built into my personal price requirements.

$$ - dont smell bad
$$$ - the above + attractive
$$$$ the above + punctual and feeling of being seduced when i walk through the door.

$$$$$+ feeling of seduction at every interaction, text, phone, meeting, everything professional and inviting, like i'm all you want in thw world