Encounter: (Ciudad Acuņa) acuna report

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Date: 4/21
Name: Hidalia
Contact Info: find her in el centro de acuna or working at a bar bartending
URL / Website: -
General Area: el centro of acuna
la chamba bar or tochos bar
Activities: bbbj, bls, taint play, little prostrate action, fs
Hair Length and Color: black about shoulder length
Age: 40s+
Smoking Status: Smoker
Physical Description: average mexcian girl height, id say shes about 5'5 or so, probably full b cups to a small c, decent ass and wider mexican girl hips... on a SW scale for mexican girls I'd say about 5
Recommendation: Yes
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Very nice. Acuņa is a wonderful place. I gotta write some Acuņa reviews
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Very nice. Acuņa is a wonderful place. I gotta write some Acuņa reviews Originally Posted by mastablasta
yes acuna is great... plus i live right across so easy access for me
ive known many girls here but just never nothered to post reviews but now i guess i will since a couple ppl read them

onky downside now is crossing back across the bridge, wait times have been 1.5, 2 and even 3 hours now because of the supposed "crisis" which we don't have here.. crazy
Thank you for the review/report.

I have a girl contact/invitation to Acuna and it's within driving distance for me. So, I would like to solicit some suggestions by PM (or here on the forum). And, also, whether there is a better website to help me start up there in Acuna. I've been frequenting NL for 2 years now, so I know the Mexican border well.

I'm interested in meeting up with anyone from here as well, when I visit in about 2 weeks.

Please list some websites that are good for this city here and PM me with more specific suggestions.
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not sure of many other websites dealing with mexico besides the international guide.. im sure you can find it thru google

but if you have any more questions about acuna go ahead and ask here or pm me