Boystown and crosbys

Dove season is approaching fast and had a few questions for some of you local yokals. First safety, last time i was in acuna was 05. I was just curious on if there has been any drama lately i.e. killings, murders, white boy abducions, shit like that. Also i read somewhere on the internet that crosbys had closed down, is there any truth to this? I was in del rio bird hunting last year and couldnt get n e one to cross with me, buncha scaredy cats. Hoping i can talkem into it this year. Thnx for any imput.
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keep a low profile and just go to boys town if possible. If you go down town tip the heck out of the waiters and security and they will protect you pretty good. even follow you to the bathroom to make sure know one screws with you. Talking $5 $10 dollars. if you ask them they will even bring you a girl.
There are normally a few Americans in Hunters. I have gone by myself several times but prefer to go with others for the safety of it.. and I am as stand out white as you can get.
Good deal, thanks for the info.