Review: (Puerto Vallarta) Cozumel

Date: 7-23-16
Name: Karla et other
Contact Info: NA
URL / Website: NA
General Area: Near Southern Cruise Port
Activities: CBJ, CFS, DFK, NE,SE
Session Length: 30
Fee: 90
Hair Length and Color: Short and dark hair, ear length
Age: 20's
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Karla, about 5 Ft, curvy but firm, dark hair, cute face I don't think she had kids. The other, about 5 5, longer hair, cute face nice long legs, a little tummy and tats., not not distracting.
Recommendation: Yes
I'm not familiar with Cozumel but I'm looking for somewhere to visit for my next adventure so any info would be appreciated.

I take it both of these girls were just random street walkers? Is that the easiest way to score in the area? Any places besides the ship port to look? Any trouble taking girls to your room?
Sorry, I left out that this was at the Club Salsa. If you walk away from the southern cruise ship port , near Park Royal hotel, there is a main street going east and west. . Go about 1/4 mile and you will see this on the right. There are a couple others together, California I think is what the other is called. If you go south on the North/South road from the same cruise port, there are a couple of other places, Barco, and another that says gentleman's club. If you google "sex Cozumel" I think you can find the names of these places. You usually have to catch these during the time the ships are in port. There are rooms in these places. I am sure some hotels allow girls, probably not the all inclusive type places. I have seen a few freelancers around, but it is hit or miss. I have asked a couple of these girls if they would come back to the room, and they said yes. But this was mostly for info for future trips since I was at the all inclusive.
Thanks for the info. I'm trying to decide between, Cozumel,Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Punta Cana so this is very helpful.