Review: (Puerto Vallarta) (Cancun) Pleasure Principle 2nd trip round 2 new girl added

Date: 8/20/16
Name: Sonia + Valerie
Contact Info:
URL / Website:
General Area: cancun
Activities: girl on girl kissing, CFS, CBJ
Session Length: 60
Fee: $$$$$
Hair Length and Color: sonia dark black long
Valerie brunette long
Age: 21-24
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Sonia (see my other review of her same trip but rd 1)
Valerie 10/10 face and body. Much more curves than Sonia's petite 90 lbs. Valerie all natural Ds 5'4 115 lbs. again model material. Very full lips and big eyes.
Recommendation: Yes
The website is a dead link
The website is a dead link Originally Posted by peculiarmoguy

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