Review: (Puerto Vallarta) Pleasure Palace Playa Del Carmen (Cancun)

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Date: 1/15/2017
Name: Cute Venezuelan girl Ida
Contact Info:
URL / Website:
General Area: Off 5th Avenue it's in no way secret. Building is unmarked though.
Activities: Lightest FK, CBJ, CFS little enthusiasm
Session Length: hr
Fee: 350
Hair Length and Color: black mid length
Age: 28? 33?
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Physical Description: Cute Venezuelan girl. Very pretty face.
Recommendation: No
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You went during the music fest they have nearby, or just to chill? Sounds like you $'d too much. I'm almost certain the pic'ed girls on their website don't exist? Looks TGTBT. Outsource bro!
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Haha yes paid way too much. The electronic music festival had just ended. No those girls don't exist. Thanks bro : )