Review: Kelly @ Jade might be my new AMP ATF!

Date: 1-2-12
Provider: Kelly
Phone: 214-651-1818
Email Address: na
URL / Website: na
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Address: Market Center and I-35E
Appointment Type: Spa
Activities: B2B TS, SS, Convo, BBBJ, BLS, 69, LFK, Biting, IOP, ACG, Scissor, Doggie, Massage, HJ
Session Length: 1 hour
Fee: 200
Hair Length and Color: Black wavy and tied up.
Age: 20's
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Kelly is like a younger, sexier, and playful version of Cindy. Around 5'5" with nice full B cups and a little poof of hair down below not too much but just enough. Nice ass and slim and fit body all over.
Recommendation: Yes
shortblkguy's Avatar
Nice review & putting her on my birthday to do list
She's a beauty and great girl, inside and out.

I must admit I liked her service and better at RR and Blue than at Dupond and Jade, though . . .

This review goes far toward making me want to take the plunge with her again!
Thanks guys she was the best plan b ever! I think I like her more than Cindy now even though that might not be possible lol. But who knows I will be seeing her again very soon
Vic Mackey's Avatar
I may get there first sailor! I saw her last week and she left a "lasting" impression on me! What I wild little sex kitten she is. Thanks for the review.
Yeah she is something special for sure. I can't wait to go see her again! Maybe tomorrow if I have time.
She's a beauty..I must admit I liked her service and better at RR and Blue than at Dupond and Jade, Originally Posted by BobbyMann
I saw her at Dupond. During my Dallas tours, she was the biggest disappointment among the well-reviewed Dallas girls. She has lots of good reviews and a few so-so ones. I fell in the latter category. Of course, I was the recipient of negative YMMV which is part of the game.
kamikaze's Avatar
Thankfully she's been on one heck of a roll at Jade. Let's hope she keeps it up!
Jake Perman's Avatar
Sounds like a winner to me!
The first time I saw Kelly she asked me how I heard about her. I told her my friend said she was beautiful and a lot of fun. She asked if my "friend's" name was ECCIE. Uhhh.... I played dumb.