Premium Access Information Thread

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Premium Access is a feature for our gentlemen here at ECCIE that once enabled will open up your eyes to a whole new world of valuable detailed information, new places to share with other hobbyists in a secure environment, and enhanced communication tools to help both you and others make the most informed hobbying decisions.

Benefits include:

• The Rest of the Story - Premium Access members may view all content posted within the Rest of the Story (ROS) portion of reviews. This area typically contains a far more detailed account of what took place during the session reviewed. Members often find the information contained in these sections very useful in their search.
• Men's Lounge - Premium Access members may post and view all content posted in the hidden "Men's Lounge" forums. These additional forums are rich in content, and only viewable to our Male members. Each Metro location across the US has it's own Men's Lounge, and Premium Access enables you access to all of them nationwide.
• Private Posts - Premium Access members also have custom BB Code capability which enables them to restrict viewership of any of their postings to other Premium Access (male) members only. This is useful when replying to remarks that were made within the hidden part of reviews, a hidden forum, another post marked private, or any other scenario in which you do not want your remarks viewable by the general public.

Premium Access can be obtained 2 ways:

1) Via a Paid Subscription - There are several options available for our male members to purchase premium access. These can be accessed by clicking the "Premium Access" tab at the top of any page…or clicking the following link:

*Subscribe for Premium Access Here*

Available subscriptions include:
  • 10 days $20
  • 1 month $30
  • 3 months $60
  • 6 months $80
  • 1 year $100
  • Lifetime $250
  • Our credit card payment processor is ccBill. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover online using ccBill. You may also pay by check or money order via USPS. Get more details by emailing

2) You may earn FREE Premium Access by contributing to the site with reviews. Reviews can be described as form-style templates that the user completes to summarize the details of his encounter for the readers. Each field, such as contact info, physical appearance, etc. is to be filled out thoroughly by the reviewer. The "Rest of the Story" field is intended to be used by the reviewer to complete a more detailed account of the important aspects of his appointment. This can range from the ease of scheduling, to the intimate details regarding the provider and your overall experience with her from start to finish. You may be as brief or as detailed as you feel comfortable with, but please understand for the review to bring value to the readers you should include enough details necessary to give them a good picture of what took place between you and the provider. The more details you include to help the reader make an informed decision will improve the value of your review and be appreciated by all.
  • The Rest of the Story field, aka the juicy details, is visible to Premium Access only. Basic registered users and guests do not have access to this portion of reviews. Female usergroups, such as Providers, do not have access and may not reply to reviews. Access for these users is limited to only the very basic elements of the review.
There are typically 5 "Review Forums" in each of our Metro Locations. To get started, you must be logged in. Visit the appropriate forum for your type of review (Independent, Agency, Spa/Studio, Strip Club, or Other) and click "New Review"


Premium Access is earned after submitting only 1 approved review, and will accumulate in 6-week increments with each additional review. Review approval will be a somewhat automated process in the coming weeks, but until that time you will need to request the upgrade for your reviews via your local mod staff. Please include the specific URLs with your inquiry to speed up the process.

You can ALWAYS check how much time you have remaining on your Premium Access by clicking on the Paid Subscriptions link inside your UserCP link located under the Main Menu on the left side of most pages on the site
(UserCP ‣ Paid Subscriptions ‣ Expiry Date)

It is not necessary to time the posting of your reviews for the purpose of extending the length of your Premium Access time period. Each review you submit, regardless of when submitted, will count for 6 weeks of PA and will accumulate with each review you post as it is approved.
  • Ex: If you post 6 approved reviews all within a one-week timeframe, you will have successfully extended your PA by 36 weeks (9 months). Whether you choose to continue posting or take a break, your access will remain intact until you reach your expiration date. As a general rule, please only post reviews of sessions which took place within the last 30 days.

Paid Premium Access and Earned Premium Access are completely interchangeable. This means that if you have purchased a 90-day subscription of premium access and post 4 reviews during that same 90-day time period, you will extend your subscription at the rate of earned access (4 reviews = 24 weeks will be added to the end of your 90-day purchase)


Reviews are considered for Premium Access based on filling out each of the fields completely, giving an adequate physical description, and providing sufficient details of the encounter in the Rest of the Story field. Reviews which do not meet the criteria for Premium Access credit can generally be classified into one of the following categories.

1) Duplicate, Misfire, or Incomplete
2) Missing Contact Info
3) Inadequate Physical Description
4) Insufficient details in The Rest of the Story portion of the review
5) Strip Club review with no mention of extras
6) Review posted in "Other Reviews" forum
7) NCNS review (we appreciate the intel, but since no activities took place, no credit can be issued)
8) Review is based on an experience that took place over 30 days ago

Reviews which do not meet the criteria for PA credit will not be removed or labeled by staff in any way, however we do ask that you take note of the criteria so that you may begin to earn credit with future reviews.

Reminder: Earn 6 weeks PER approved review, and you may post reviews as frequently as you like to accumulate additional time, unlimited.