Mailed my dues in November! why do I still get notice due! Haven't you got it?
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What dues? ...not sure what you're referring to.
Sent $100 to Becky's Collectibles in Texas to keep Premium Access like email told me for a year! Email says I'm losing it.
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Ok, I understand now ...try sending an email to websupport@eccie.net to see if they've received your payment yet. Make sure to include any relevant info so they can search/find your payment and credit your account.
Sorry to bother you. I tried to email the websupport@eccie.net. I can not through to that email. Also when I click on that in your message it says it is not configured. Can you help me any other way? I mailed it wrapped in typing paper with Skinhead2065 wrote on it which is my handle. Thanks!!! Sorry to be a pain!
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I'll see what I can find out for you.
Thanks for your help your great!!!!