Ladies ho Would Have An Interest In Traveling?

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Hello, I was wondering if there are any ladies that would like to be travel companions. If so, how much lead time would you need? Thanking you for your time in advance.

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I travel with people quite frequently. Some times with only a couple of hours' notice, but preferably at least a day.

There are several civilian websites that I am a member of as well that have guys looking for girls to travel with them. PM me if you want the names of them.
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I love to travel but do require a deposit at least 72hrs in advance and being bisexual I have friends that can join us too
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I travel and have with new and old friends
I do need a a few day's notice or sometimes week's notice
and a deposit
Im available for and LOVE to travel.. Short notice ok
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Passport ready and travel ready
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I am always available for Travel. I have a passport as well. Living in Las Vegas makes last minute travel easy as flights are always leaving vegas.

I’m not called the Seductive Concierge for no reason.
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Travel companion here
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I had an opportunity to go on two nice trips during the eccie break. #spoiled
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I'd love to be a travel companion. I only need 2-7 days of advance notice
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Not only am I Passport ready but I'm not just willing to travel I need an excuse! I am so flexible you could roll the dice and depending on when and wherei could be ready to travel in an hour or two. Preferably 12_72 hrs if possible:-)
Dearest Banker1970:

I would be very interested... in accompanying you as a travel companion perhaps even a P.A., I do have a great deal of experience in both areas. Please P.M. me if you have any desire to pursue this, I'm curious as to what type of 'Arrangement' you would have in mind. My Passport is currently up to date and I believe a strong comfort level as well as connection is extremely important.

Looking forward to OUR time together,
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I love to travel! Id be interested in hearing more about your destinations.
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  • 06-22-2018, 05:47 PM
I have a pass port and I love to visit other cultures. This year I will be going to Hong Kong.

That should be a blast.