Where to go for Utah/SLC info on the p****-slinging scene?

Utah has over 3 million ppl in it. Most live in SLC and Provo and the suburbs thereof. Just over 60% are LDS-identified though it seems only about 40% are active members of the LDS. Well, we'll try to avoid making crass religion-based assumptions TOO BADLY here but I will speculate that the likelihood that the typical observant LDS woman is either going to be a pro or a casual (casual = a UTR who has a RW job or is married and doesn't really NEED $ from hooking but does it anyway on a more selective basis than a pro) is a fair bit less than is likely to be the case for women without an affiliation with a major religion, or one whose affiliation is non-critical in her life. Likewise I will speculate the typical observant LDS man is less likely to be a hooker-banging jimmie vs. men with a religiously-observant bent. (Not a hard-and-fast rule but a generalization, unless I am completely wrong and religious folk are in fact running rampant turning tricks and banging whores. If that were the case, though, we'd've all probably heard about it by now.)

THAT SAID, let's ASS-U-ME that 60% of Utah is not likely to be so religiously observant that it shapes their ideas around being a/banging a hooker(s) to the degree that it is beyond the pale that they could do or be one of those things. That leaves a population of .6 x 3 million or 1.8 million.

Specif., let's look at SLC. Estimates center on 40% of the city being LDS with a city + area (ie, the MSA of SLC) having 1.03 million ppl in it. This makes the SLC MSA with 618,000 ppl in it who are not LDS members. But so we count LDS members-in-name-only and LDS members who are in fact up for being hookers of some kind or jimmies, let's put the *potential* jimmie/hooker community in the SLC MSA at 700,000. Now we eliminate the old people ("old" in this case is 55+) and kids under 18, and get: 490,000 ppl between 18 and 55. (This is an estimate, I just multiplied 490,000 by .7.)

I am not even counting Provo, now. Just SLC.

If even 1/1000th of 1% of those 490,000 ppl fucked hookers or were hookers of some kind, including casual girls, then that would mean there are 490 people in the SLC MSA who fuck for money on a quid pro quo basis or who pay such people for such services. They would like anyone else these days seek to communicate with one another over THE INTERNETS because that appears to be how everything is done these days.


This Utah board here on eccie is about as hopping as a dead frog.

I am not so naive as to believe that for some reason, the state of Utah has defied every law of human/primate nature and that the exchanging of stuff for pussy is NOT happening except of course within the bonds of holy matrimony, blah, blah, blah, which is only legalized prostitution trussed up in a dress and tuxedo anyway. (Yeah, truth hurts at times, but reality is reality, denying it does no one any good.)

So if info on the pussy trade in Utah is not being exchanged on eccie, where in heaven's name is it being exchanged???

Please let me know.

Thank you.
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I've wondered the same thing. There are other boards but it is weird that the hobby folks don't want to help out in finding the best possible opportunity in the Utah. I've posted some reviews but its frustrating to find that others either want to keep the secret to themselves or who know why.
It is my humble opinion that due to our city being just "other hobby hot spot" instead of part of the main city selection, people just don't really look here or post here very often. I know that Preferred 411 gets a lot of the postings for Salt Lake, as does Nightshift and My Provider Guide. However, this is just my humble opinion.
p.s., I like your analysis of our population
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Sucks for me really.. I live outside Dallas TX.. there you get anything your little heart desires.

I travel for a living and hobbying on eccie outside of texas is as you said "hopping like a dead frog".

I like eccie cause it's free. P411 is a paid "financial paper trail"
I have some ideas about this. PM me if you want, I don't want to put them out on the open board.
I'm formerly known as Lil' Tex, usually around Austin and Killeen, but periodically in slc. I had often wondered the same thing.
My encounters in slc were all bp, until I found a regular.
She is not always available though, and I keep checking back here with little luck...
Just looked into p411
Not taking new clients
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I'm landing in on Nov. 5th and Hope I don't have a crappy 6 weeks
in SLC!any Dogs want have a drink PM me and we can talk about the Hobby seen in SLC! Drink and a stoggie on me!