Houston - Photographer available!

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Hey all,
I'd been doing photography for 5 years until 2017 (weddings, graduation and portraits) and I could not continue since I had to complete my college degree. I have a full time job now and I'm looking to get back to photography part time. I would rate myself as an Amateur/Semi Pro photographer and I'm venturing into this out of pure interest and to gain experience!

I would like to offer my services to anyone who would need them in this forum. TBH since I have a well paying full time job and my livelihood doesn't depend on photography, I assure you that I plan on keeping prices low and I'm confident that I can deliver great quality shots. Not really looking to make big profits on this, but hoping to enjoy taking photos of you beautiful ladies and continue to work on getting back into my photography skills.

Feel free to PM me on this and we can discuss further.

I do not have a portfolio/ website mainly because this is just my hobby and I get more shoots through word of mouth. I can share photos of my previous shoots (weddings, graduation) and since I'm new to this, I'm hoping to get a few shoots and build up my profile.

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Hey there, I am interested in getting some photos done, so if this offer still stands let me know