“FBI” called me

Couple things...

1. I saw a post here that they now have your phone number now that you called them. This is correct. For better or worse.

2. With AI, they can capture your voice and then impersonate you. I have head that just a "hello" is good enough to capture your voice

3. Caller ID is a scam and YOU CAN NOT BLOCK IT if the bad guys want it. It is the honor system to block. Police departments do not block caller ID for example. I have worked with VOIP phone systems and did not know about this back in the day and did not properly block caller ID on a phone system I installed. After looking into it, I learned that many phone systems have a setting to disable Caller ID blocking.

4. If the caller phone number says "US MArshall, FBI, White house, etc" that only means that the caller is spoofing the digits. The query for the text is done from the number. Since it is this easy to spoof, I say Caller ID is a joke.

5. I would say all police type agencies would pay you a visit or mail a letter before calling, and for this reason we are discussing here. Don't fall for a scam out of fear. It it is for real and you call them a scam then you lose nothing. They are aware of the scams and if they would call you I would expect that they would be prepared for a run around.

6. We aren't doing anything illegal here!

7. Yes, the FBI does have better things to do, but they spend more time with entrapment of certain people so again, don't fall for it. It is unconstitutional for them to be doing what they are doing but they are corrupt.. Remember this

8. FINALLY - DON'T TALK TO THEM. Real police, scammers, anyone. We are not required to incriminate ourselves. Don't believe their lies of " Just help us out and we will {insert lie here}". They are not your friend. DON'T TALK TO POLICE!
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. I was severely panicked at first, . Originally Posted by trumptrain
Good thing you werent contacted by "the cartel"
THOSE texts are hilarious.
Easy way to mess up AI is alter your voice with a voice box or use a robotic text to speech deal when answering a phone (best for land lines)
I've been arrested by the IRS about 5-6 times every year. :-)

I forget where I read this. The best reply I've ever heard was a guy who got one of these fake FBI calls. When the caller said he was from the FBI, the guy responded: "I'm from the CIA and I just called in a drone strike."
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Good thing you werent contacted by "the cartel"
THOSE texts are hilarious. Originally Posted by FatCity
Oh, those lmao. Yeah, threats of don't make us have to show up and "spill blood". It's funny cause alot of youtubers have done videos on having received these texts. They claim to have just recieved them out of the blue and have no clue as to why. I notice theyre all dudes, chuckle and say to myself, "yeah okay man, we know damn well why it was you ended up getting that text, and it sure as hell wasn't because you were googling the winning lottery numbers hahaha.
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I had them call me as well , after about 2 minutes I told the guy to go fuck himself and hung up, that was 3 years ago, the number that showed was an actual FBI NUMBER IN HOUSTON
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I had a call.The man said it was the FBI, the number was from Washington DC. My other phone rang so I hung up on him He called back, So I blew a Deer call whistle into the phone have not heard from them lately .
I received a text for someone that told me he was a pimp and he said I have texted several of his girls “wasting their time”. I never waste anyones time and if I do text a provider is is generally an introduction. So say come now and if I can’t tell them I have travel plans for the next couple of weeks and will reach out when ready.

He goes on to say he knows who I am and knows my family (which most of them are deceased) and tells me to pay him for his lost time for the girls. That never happened!

He said if I did not pay him he would tell my friends and family I have been texting providers. I did not answer him and deleted his text. After 3 days so far I have heard nothing from him. What do folks think about this situation? I think this originated from Listcrawler so stay away from that site!

Thanks all!
Zoo, just ignore him.

By the way, do you have a hobby phone, if not I suggest you get one.
Thanks! No I don’t but I will get one!
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Then they called back…. I didn’t answer. Originally Posted by trumptrain
The FBI doesn't call: they come to where you are & arrest you.
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And beat your door down for grins and giggles , they trample peoples rights daily.