Let's Welcome MovieMan300 to the Chat Room Staff

Please welcome MovieMan300 as our new Chat Room Moderator. Based on his history and experience with his own Chat Room Boards and his life or lack thereof here on ECCIE, I'm sure he will make a great fit with the rest of us Chat Room Bar Flies.

What better way to cut his teeth to eventually be demoted to Forum Modtard than to ween him as a Chat Room Modtard.

My congratulation & condolences to MovieMan300.
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Congrats Movie!
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Really awesome dude.....congrats
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Why does Chat need a modtard if its down? Oh wait ... someone is playing a dirty on the new guy.
Thanks for the warm welcome and congrats! I dedicate my latest avatar and title heading to Pyramider.
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Well congrats! Now let's see how much oops fix my ads I can bug you with. Haha I'm your fun blonde of Memphis welcome aboard Sargent!! .
Congrats! Hope you enjoy your new position as much as I'm enjoying mine new positions!! Welcome Welcome Welcome!!
  • 01-12-2016, 10:32 PM
Congrats movie man
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but welcome anyhoo
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