Please Welcome CarolineDavenport as our new Lady Mod!

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Caroline is joining us as our new Lady Moderator! She joins Lea, Elisabeth, Rani and Blaze in taking care of the Ladies -Only areas around the board.

Please join me in welcoming her to Team Eccie! We're glad you are here!

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Congratulations pretty lady ....
You'll do good at this
offshoredrilling's Avatar
will this last longer than the last one? just askin
good luck CD
Lol, thanks.... I think.
universalenergy's Avatar
Congratulations and good luck or Congratulations and break a leg.
Whichever is PC.
Hehe, thank you, I'll accept both. :P
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Congratulations, and best of luck.

dearhunter's Avatar
Never heard of her
chicagoboy's Avatar
Is CD (not to be confused, etc.) doing it just for the free modtard pussy?
Welcome to the first true hot ass MOD on eccie.
offshoredrilling's Avatar
Welcome to the first true hot ass MOD on eccie. Originally Posted by oldsportster
ah, what gals man handle is this?
really, your 1st post is to kiss her ass. WTF
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Would some modtard please correct the spelling of Caroline's handle in this thread's title? Thanck you.
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Good Luck = I 'd love to congratulate you personally!
What have you all gone and done...yikes!

Congrats beautiful.

Thank you!