Chat guidelines

The NUMBER ONE rule is that we do NOT want this to become a chat room where the chat MOD’s are attempting to control everything…we expect chat to be primarily self moderating and freewheeling while showing respect to everyone in the room. Chat is considered a "private" forum by the owners therefore it is a privilege to be in chat, conditions change in a hurry and the MOD’s may (and will) make rulings on the fly.

2.The same basic rules as eccie in general, no drugs (IE 420), minors, animals, posting rates in public, etc. this includes referring to your children in open discussion do not even jokingly involve your kids in your business!

3. No pictures of minors of any kind.

4. NO discussions of private functions (fight club does NOT exist in chat)

5. No hard core porn (of ANY kind) nothing worse than opening a picture of some guys dick

6. The ladies can show any part of their body they want to (but keep it tasteful please)

7. (AKA the asshole rule) Keep the drama to a minimum...this is a fun chat room….we will not allow it to become an attack pack hangout

8. Discussions of sex acts are OK (rape is not considered a sex act)...again within reason, requests or inquiries for bareback full service BBFS, creampies, BBQ, are not ok, not even in PM

9. No open solicitation (you can use PM’s) this is not a hookup board it’s OK say come see me, I'm horny and bored, etc.

10. No racism, homophobia talk ...etc (Any talk used to denigrate another person).

11. Chat is not a political or religious forum

12. Chat is provider friendly

13. Ladies who have not posted a welcome ad will be encouraged to post and become a Verified Provider.

14. Chat is newbie friendly

15. Internet etiquette is to be followed. No capitalized sentences, keep your font a reasonable size (18 pt or below) etc

16. If a male member wants to post a picture of a lady, he needs her explicit permission to post and she must be in chat

17. Posting of pictures that are posted just to insult (or offend) are not allowed..we know this is very subjective and will be dealt with by the chat mod

18. PM's in chat are considered private communications and may not be revealed except to a MOD when rules are broken or a threat is received.

19. Public posting of phone numbers and personal WEB sites (including those imbedded in pictures and videos) is not a good practice and will be strongly discouraged

Points will NOT be issued in chat either follow the rules or you will be removed from chat.
Just a reminder, bullying in chat either direct or implied will no longer be "overlooked" you will be kicked out on the spot.
Remember chat is not static forum it is a real time interactive forum, be considerate of your fellow chat users and if your gonna be leaving the room for an extended period sign out don't set your status to busy and leave the room for a half hour or so. The MODs will kick you out if your not there.
Please note that the new image standards for the site in general are not applicable in chat, we are not changing our image posting rules.
We have cam capablities now in chat, which means we need to update our rules a little:

No pay per view
No male posting on cam in public chat
No posting copyrighted anything
Image rules still apply in public chat
Respect the other members do not hog the public cam capabilities
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