I understand why past reviews aren't viewable anymore, but ...

why have the lists been removed from the client profiles? I'm sure both companions and clients still could find this very limited information useful. Such as how many reviews the client had performed, who they reviewed, frequency of activity, types of companions in common, etc.

It kind of makes the established clients with many reviews appear to be a newbie when it couldn't be further from the truth.
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Not showing the review count:
Is this just a temporary glitch or has this been announced as a new implementation of the site?

Nope. Reviews are the core of what this site is for. Originally Posted by St. C

Also noticed that encounters do not seem to be linked to Ladies profile any longer.
Any word on that?
temporary glitch.
The review counts will be back as will the tab in the profile which has the review list and the bottom of Bio Page list of reviews.

The former “Reviews” will be combined with the new “Encounters” to form a complete list.

The “Reviews” have been removed from public view for the time being, so all you can see are the Encounters posted from our open date Sunday and going forward. If you click on one of the links to an old review, you’ll get a “you don’t have permission to view” error.
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Thanks for the update. I posted four reviews since Sunday which were all approved but they aren't showing up against my profile. Hopefully they'll be back as you integrate everything. I'm sure it is all a big PITA so thanks!
Are they there now?