Awesome PROFESSIONAL Louisiana/Texas area photography !!! (Great prices ladies!!!)

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I’ve been looking for a professional photographer in my area for a while and I finally was able to find and hire a photographer!! He knew how to shoot the best possible pictures, he was very respectful, and SUPER professional! I hired him for a two hour photo shoot for Wednesday, 8/21 and we did the photo shoot at a nice hotel in the FQ.I had a few outfits and he had a bunch of different backgrounds and ideas about angles that I NEVER even thought about!! Hiring him was really fun and a smart investment!!! Not only did I Finally get my pictures, but I also learned things about taking pictures in the future and how to get the best possible shots! If you’re in the Louisiana area he is a very good option for professional pictures, I give him two thumbs up ���� (ONLY because I only have two thumbs!!!!)

Contact info:
+1 (512) 924-7106

*Feel free to PM me with any questions ladies!!!*

I had a great time shooting portraits of Jaz. Obviously, knowing you're extremely pleased with your portraits is most important, but also knowing that you felt comfortable and cool throughout the entire photo shoot process is just as important to me.

Also, this one was my favorite ones...Thanks for being cool with me posting it on here:

I'm in New Orleans about once a month, so text/pm if anyone would like updated portraits.
Took a pause on Photography for three years but I have spent the past 18 months taking professional portraits in Colombia. I'm back home in Austin, TX now but I love to travel, so PM or text me if you would like to schedule some time to take some amazing photos you'll love to show off (wardrobe changes absolutely encouraged). You'll obviously see why having a mix of amazing photos will make you happier, and I'll gladly show you how, from my experience, you can best use them (if you'd like).

I'm based in Austin but also regularly spend time in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the RGV (McAllen, aka, The Rio Grande Valley), but enjoy visiting Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Miami but of course I would love to continue adding to my list of visited US Cities so I'm cool with visiting a new city and arranging a photoshoot while I'm there. Outside the US, I also love hitting Mexico City, Cancun-Playa del Carmen-Tulum, Lima, and Colombia (my favorite).

I honestly have never felt 100% ok charging or expecting anything in return for entrusting me to do a photoshoot for anyone. I enjoy taking amazing photos, and I think the only part I would charge for is if you would also like your photos edited since it's a little time process. Most importantly, any photos we shoot are yours to keep. If you'd then like me to delete all of them or allow me to keep any for my portfolio, that is completely up to you.