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Major changes at ECCIE.

Historically, ECCIE has always been a review and Discussion site. That has not changed.

As of now, Bio Pages and Weekly/Weekend Updates have been removed entirely from the site.

Advertising by female accounts will no longer be allowed.

The Co-ed Discussions and other forums will be highly moderated for content that can be seen as basically advertising. We know this is subjective and ambiguous! Flirtatiousness is fine, posts that attract attention are okay; outright advertising or solicitation is not! It could produce a short loss of posting privileges.

Encounter Reports will stay the same since ECCIE has always been a review site and it does not solicit an arrangement.

ladies may want to refer to the private forum for more details and answer to questions. For the ladies who just want to post updates and build a Bio Page, ECCIE is not for you.

Change is inevitable in this chaotic world of ours. and I know that I am as frustrated and disappointed as each of you are, but the times have dictated changes for now, and those changes will be permanent for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for understanding.