Brand New Image Galleries are LIVE!!

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Introducing an exciting new feature exclusively here at ECCIE Worldwide. Since the discontinuation of the Bio Pages, many within the strong ECCIE community have been clamoring for a way to get their pictures online.

Well, in typical fashion--you asked, we listened, and we HAVE DELIVERED!

You now have access to the new Image Galleries, a tool to be utilized by the not only our female members within the community, but the entire membership.

With our new Image Gallery feature, you (and everyone in the community) have the following:

* A new Image Gallery tab in your User Profile page where thumbnails of your uploaded high-resolution images will reside. If you are a Premium Access member, then clicking any of the thumbnails in your Gallery will bring up a beautiful Lightbox display with your full-sized image. As an Upgraded Female Account it will be the same!

* Members can quickly browse through your entire collection of images by clicking the right or left arrow on the expanded image.

* Once you have begun to upload images to your Image Gallery, you will have a link below your avatar called "My Image Gallery" that members can click to quickly be taken to your personal Gallery from any of your posts on the site.

* Another easy way to access one’s personal Image Gallery is to click the link “View More Encounters and Image Galleries” which resides beneath the posts on any posted Encounter Report.

* To begin uploading images, go to the Image Control Panel inside your User CP, or simply click on the RED "Upload Images" button displayed on the upper left corner of every page.

* You can “Like” anyone’s image as you are viewing it, and that member will receive a PM notification that their image was “liked” and by whom.

* All members have a tab called "Favorite Images". Clicking the 'star' icon beneath any image thumbnail displayed in a user's Image Gallery adds that image to your collection of Favorite Images. It's a great way to show those with similar tastes as your own, which users have posted images that you want to include in your Favorites collection. Clicking an image thumbnail in anyone's Favorite Images tab takes you directly to the Image Gallery belonging to the user who originally uploaded the clicked image. Also, anytime you “favorite” someone’s image and add it to your tab of Favorite Images, that user will get a PM notifying them that added their image to your collection of favorite images.

* On every page of the site, we have modules which include the following: Most Liked Images (mini-thumbnails to the 15 most liked images on the site). Most Favorited Images (mini thumbnails to the 15 most favorited images on the site). Most Recent Image Gallery Uploads (links to the Image Galleries which include the most recently uploaded images to the site)

* In the Header of every page on ECCIE Worldwide there is a tab called “Image Scrapbook”. The Image Scrapbook is a random collection of thumbnails consisting of every image which has been uploaded to the site. Browsing the scrapbook is a great way to quickly find visually stimulating images and then click right into that user's personal Image Gallery to see their entire collection.

* You can post virtually whatever you want in your Image Gallery. Images of yourself, images of your favorite travel destination, what you had for dinner last night, that beautiful necklace you want for Christmas, your favorite bottle of Cabernet, your favorite rock bands…literally whatever. (Images deemed highly offensive, or depict subjects under the age of 18, or show any form of sexual conduct or nudity will not be allowed). Your collection of images should give users who encounter your Image Gallery a good taste of who you are and what you are about, things you like and hobbies, just an additional way to express yourself—visually!

Remember, the current Image Standards still apply... No Nudity! Bikini, Lingerie, sexy clothing will work!

That's just a few of the exciting benefits of the newly designed feature, and we are excited to roll it out for you!!. If you have let your Premium Access lapse, jump on the site and start sharing your recent encounters.

So, login and give it a try! The ECCIE Worldwide Technical Development Team put a lot of hours and hard work into getting this feature right and making it a truly valuable tool for our members, and to make it especially valuable for those who have contributed to the site by writing Encounter Reports.

As always, thanks for your participation on the site.

The ECCIE Worldwide Team