Encounter: My Dream Girl from Outer Limits

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Date: 12/20/21 date correction per op - UC
Name: Dream
Email Address: ?
URL (Profile or Bio Page): ?
City: Des Moines
State: Iowa
Address: NE14th St Saylor Twp
Appointment Type: Strip Club
Activities: All inclusive! Kind of a synopsis of a several month relationship
Duration of Encounter: Overnight
Hair Length and Color: Short black, pulled back behind her ears
Age: 30 but looks 24
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: Native/First Nations
Physical Description: 5'5" killer athletic body with perky C cups and a great ass to squeeze! Super cute smile, great teeth. All around almost perfect!
Recommendation: Yes
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Nice one !
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Nice write
Great story! I would never be so lucky!
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I know a girl that dances at OL.. not from her work.. her and her “friend” and I had a fun night .. I may need to stop in when she’s working and surprise her and check things out! Merrygoround across the street you will catch them in their grabbing food just a FYI and they actually have decent bar food. Good Job sir - tip of the cap to you
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Good to hear - CY !
I can testify to all of that. Been to OL many a time with x"CY"ting.
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Are either one of you guys that gray haired dude that usually stands at the end of the bar by the ladies restroom? Lol.
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Heading to OL Tuesday night! I will buy you a beer if you want to join the fun!
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