Encounter: Woodys was fully stocked on a Friday

User ID: -
Date: June 2023
Name: Ch******** & K****
Phone: (319) 841-9250
Email Address: -
URL (Profile or Bio Page): https://woodysgc.com/
City: Cedar Rapids
State: Iowa
Address: South edge of town
Appointment Type: Strip Club
Activities: Hell of a grind on multiple body parts. Kink stuff
Duration of Encounter: 30 minutes
Hair Length and Color: Black ass length
Age: 20-25
Smoking Status: Smoker
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Both skinny. C has probably B cup, K has A cup
Recommendation: Yes
Thanks for the review. Last time I was at Woodys, had to use the restroom after a couple beers and was at the urinal. Then a very large female police officer from the local town came in the bathroom and checked the stall and stepped to look around me. I was like, uhh and she said she has seen so many penis coming into the bathroom that it doesn't bother her to look anymore. She had her body cam on and thus it was recording. It made me feel uncomfortable and I left. What happened to privacy or at least it being a male officer? It just seemed strange as I know if I as a man went into the women's bathroom and do the same thing, I would be arrested, etc.
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Holy hell that's kinda fucked up.
You can file a complaint with the department, FOIA the body cam footage, and have a nice little law suit for an easy 10 or 20k... that is a clear invasion of privacy and completely unprofessional. I would not have have tolerated that kind of pushy bullshit. If even the tip of your dick is on that body cam footage you have a slam dunk case there.