False reports

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Someone going by the handle "Bengee"
Is spamming my accounts and reviews on multiple sites spreading lies and false accusations saying I have a Pimp.
I'm thinking it is an old Stalker I had years ago but who really knows.....

This person has gone around saying I have a pimp on multiple different websites with other accounts which is completely not true and I am very proud about my independence and extremely Adamant about providers not needing or being involved with management. It's just not my thing at all.

anyways whoever this "Bengee" is should not be allowed to keep harassing me and lying spreading such lies online.
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There not doing it eccie.
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Maybe it is a case of Pimp/BF and this poster is confused ? When a client visits an escort. Any dude seen with you is assumed to be a pimp . Maybe with you , maybe in the stairwell waiting , maybe loitering near your incall or perhaps even gave you a ride . These are all signs of pimp activity . Many providers say its my BF . To clients its Pimp/BF and is synonymous.