Video Critique Thread?

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I'm shooting a video this weekend and would someone suggest where to find music that I can use. That's not trade marked.Thanks so much. Originally Posted by R.M.
Do a search for "royalty free music" in google and you will get some great sites with a ton of catagories and genres to select from. I'm not on my editing machine so I can't recall them by name but that's where I started my search for music to include. Some are free and some are for a small fee but you will definitely find what you need.
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The videos looked great however the music was too fast for me but hell it's early and no coffee yet lol. Good job on all of them. Do you mind sharing what you used for editing? Originally Posted by DDBD Photography
Thanks DDBD. That just happened to be the style of music that those ladies were looking for, it definitely makes it more of a challenge to shoot and edit with fast paced stuff, but you can get a little more creative as well. I edited with Final Cut.
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captain, i was super impressed with your vids.

i hope you're getting paid appropriately because there's no doubt a piece like that will add to a girl's business!
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captain, i was super impressed with your vids.

i hope you're getting paid appropriately because there's no doubt a piece like that will add to a girl's business! Originally Posted by john_deere
Thanks John_Deere, I appreciate it. I definitely enjoy it and work hard to deliver a quality product. And yeah, I'm sure I shortchange myself pretty bad cuz I spend soo many hours editing lol.
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Heres the first promotional video I ever shot for my photography company: (be nice it was my first video and totally unplanned. I just mentioned to them at the end of the shoot "We should do a mini video" - and I could barley concentrate with what was going on in front of me! (NSFW + Soundtrack)
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I think the text cheapens the video a little. You know that phrase, "show me, don't tell me?"

Pretty good for a first video tho! Bit anti-climactic but not bad for unplanned. I enjoy the lighting and it's definitely sensual.
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I haven't started to do video yet, but I'm doing my research Originally Posted by Megan Love
You totally should
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I made a short trailer of an erotic video called "Climax" with Lil Mama. This is a shorter version to be used as a trailer / promotional piece for her fans. I have found several upscale providers are wanting these videos / trailers to help them separate from the masses. What do you guys think about it?
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  • 08-18-2015, 08:20 AM
That is sexy and I love the music
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Here is a new HD video I recently shot - again this one is a trailer for a more naughty version which can be view on her website under the members section. I have found HD videos are a wonderful tool for upscale providers to use in their marketing. It showcases their personality (more than a photo) and provides a fantasy her clients might find intriguing!

Work Warning: Music plays at opening!
I have a few new VIDEOS up on my site.!videos/c5o0 Originally Posted by captain_obvious
It's a good way to promote business
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It is always good to get constructive feedback.

video sample
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If you guys like fun videos, I've got a bunch in my signature line. The crowd favorite is still "Bass," but "Indomitable" and "I Know" are my two favorites.

I like to fuck around.