atlantic city

  • b5115
  • 08-20-2018, 12:19 PM
Anyone have any sugguestions for atlantic city? Ill be there later in week
I'm heading there next week. Any info would be appreciated
The casino bars are among the few places in America where you can still pick up a working lady (aside from dangerous streetwalker strolls). The center bar at the Borgata is especially known for this. There’s not much of a local escort scene in the Shore area otherwise; you may need to travel to the suburbs of Philadelphia or NYC for a traditional escort. AC does have an a lot of streetwalkers, but you’re better off sticking to the casino bars and staying away from the street ladies. Check out the NJ hobby board for more info.
Isn’t that B-Bar at the Borgata where you can find like oodles of providers hanging around? How much do they usually charge for an hour of time in general? I’ve heard some can really try to rob you. Thinking of going there for my vacation. Do some gambling then hit the bar and see if I can get some temporary company up in my room.